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The target value of the EU education policy is to lower the rate of early school leavers until 2020 under 10%. Objectives of the strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training (ET 2020, 2009/C119/02) among others are:
a) making lifelong learning and mobility a reality
b) improving the quality and efficiency of education and training

Regarding the above mentioned aim a) the PEARLS further training is part of the European qualification framework, participants will receive the EUROPASS Mobility. It is an internationally accepted document to record knowledge and skills acquired in another European country.

After the end of the funding period the PEARLS teacher further training will be provided regularly. Teachers can participate in a learning mobility for individuals called “Key Action 1” (KA1), which is an action of the Erasmus+ programme. Thus mobility for teachers as one crucial element of lifelong learning will be enhanced by the PEARLS project.

In terms of aim b) teachers learn to develop individual and pupil’s-centered learning offers – taking into account their respective expertise and experience. By this means students from disadvantaged backgrounds, with special needs as well as newly arrived migrants and members of national minorities (e.g. Roma) will be reached. Significantly more students than before will get a graduation.