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Bateu a saudade... faz um 31!!!
Picture: Ana Cotta, "Bateu a saudade... faz um 31!!!". Some rights reserved. Source: www.piqs.de

Preventing Early School Leaving Through Inclusive Strategies (PEARLS) is a three year lasting European strategic partnership in the field of school (2014-2017), co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission. Nine educational institutions from five countries collaborate in order to tackle the challenge of early school leaving in Europe.

The main outcome is the conduction of an international teacher training course. It took place in Budapest, from April 24th - 30th 2017. Headmasters, social pedagogues, teachers and researchers from Hungary, Croatia and Germany took part. The feedback from the participants was extremely positive and some "aha effects" occured. Read more...



Project Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Dirk Lange

Schloßwender Str. 1

30159 Hannover - Germany